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York County was formed in 1785 as a county of Camden District. The actual records for Lexington were largely destroyed in 1865, leaving the deeds from 1839 forward. Benet and the Jeff David Case," "Slaves and Masters-- The Slaves Experience in an Upcountry South Carolina District," "The Unusual Story of Mrs. (reprinted 2015) This compilation contains over three thousand names. Many names which do not appear on the 1790 census will be found here. Some wills which were not found in will books but in the estate packets have been included. This book is a listing of the wills, administrations and deeds recorded in this period.

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Some grants were for land which had been surveyed in the colonial period but not granted until after the Revolution. These grants (over 2500 of them in this volume) were for land all over the state, but particularly in the newly opened areas which were later Pendleton and Greenville counties. The land office re-opened after the Revolution and the state grants began to be issued in 1784. This work contains records of tombstones from 32 church cemeteries in Lexington County and some from adjacent Saluda and Newberry counties.