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The only complete versions I know of are a laser disk released by Image Entertainment in 1990 (good luck finding it), the original Anchor Bay DVD, and a recent limited edition (333 copies) Blu-Ray disk from Holland (Laser Paradise). By now, I'm sure bootleggers have made dupes from these sources, but if you want to be certain you have an uncut copy, I'd stick to these distributors, even if some other company claims their version is uncut.As for that fourth variant, this one I saw only in movie theaters when first was released.

So I would rather mention five interesting scenes you could run into completely by chance. There are at least four versions of this film, and three of them have the breast press scene (as well as several other bits) censored.People who've been around Lin-Manuel Miranda and "Hamilton" for many years tend to share something interesting: total confidence in the power of the arts to effect meaningful and substantial social change. Chicago is full of progressives who believe in the arts... This week's Showcase features one of the many ballads from "Les Miserables," now playing at the Cadillac Palace in a 4-star touring production.In the video, Davis, who stars as Javert, sings "Stars," minus the full-stage Parisian bridge and twinkling sky but with...As viewers get to see the busty spy from the neck up only, they don't know what's going on at first.But it's pretty clear she's in agony, and based on Ilsa's dialogue, one eventually can guess why.There have been several films and biopics made about her life, most notably with Mariel Hemingway playing Dorothy. I would love to sign in this forum and share my experience with other subject interest people.

The real Dorothy appeared in only 7 movies before her life was sadly cut short, and this was her only victim role. Poor Cecily (by a mile; nothing comes even close); 2. I really would have a hard time choosing between the plethora of available films so here are five that haven't been mentioned (I don't think). The Corrupt Ones: Elke Sommer is wearing a bathrobe but she is truly beautiful and does a great job struggling as she is spread out on a Saint Andrew's Cross to have acid dripped on her. The Tower of London: Again a fully clothed GIMP but a great rack scene with a beautiful actress, Sandra Knight. Spirits of the Dead (the last tale directed by Fellini, "Toby Dammit"): A young woman is tied down on an operating table to be vivisected by the title character. Girls of War: Cali Danger is strung up in various variations of bondage and beaten and repeatedly shocked with a electric prod. Agent X: I believe Malficarum was mentioned but this is another film by Red Feline that deserves to be as well Ralphus just put up another of my modifications one of the old Men's magazine stories from the '50's and '60's.

Not ideal, but at least you'll know what was cut (from this scene anyway). Here's my personal edit of the best scenes in Barbarian Queen 2.

Not as much GIMP action as in the first: these 11 minutes include a semi-nude mud-wrestling challenge; a romantic encounter in a forest; that scene with the rack lowering onto a bed of spikes; followed by a couple of very brief scenes back in the dungeon after she's been re-captured.

[] Again, if you're only interested in the famous scene then here it is. As much as I loved Lana as the Barbarian Queen, I was so disappointed with the "lowering onto spikes" scene...

I guess it was too hard on her to be stretched horizontal without some support (and that wouldn't fit the flow of the scene) but the camera only shows her face...

There's even less now that I got through modifying it!