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All the same, due to political obstacles, it has unfortunately become impossible to establish cultural and literary relationships with most other countries.

For example, last year I read two books by Brian Selznick, and you might find it interesting to know that his Hugo won a golden Flying Turtle award in Iran.Mitali Perkins' height='122px; ' id='Header1_headerimg' src=' Xrc GTCx0-8/WW_d Wm BWXc I/AAAAAAAAGRw/o N627Jgw Lr Qi Ak8h OYs S0Xuwc S5V98j YQCK4BGAYYCw/s830/Fire_Escape_Header_2.jpg' style='display: block' width='730px; '/ I'm delighted to invite my (Facebook) friend, Ali Seidabadi, to the Fire Escape to chat about the current state of children's books in Iran. (For example, that The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie is sometimes banned here, but not in Iran ...) Most people in the world have a political/media-formed image of Iran in mind, but there are many cultural, artistic, and literary activities going on in Iran.Before you read the interview, pause to reflect on what comes to mind when you think of Iran. There are a great number of authors and illustrators for children’s and young adult’s books.I have read Persian translations of books by Lee Wardlaw, Han Nolan, Lois Lowry, Peter H.Reynolds, and Sharon Creech, and I know that many Iranian children admire their works too.My native language is Farsi and I'm practicing English because I wanted to apply for Phd. My skkkyppppee name is abcd_lang ***Whats App***: 00989124889239 To cut a long story short, I wanna put my lingual assets into a good use: befriending amiable, honest, humble and trustworthy gals from all around the globe!

I'd be very grateful if anyone can help me with my English and in exchange I will help you with your Farsi. I'm looking for someone to help me with my English and German. [email protected] vis-a-vis encounter wouldn’t be impossible ;) Hello, my name is Marjan. I have intermediate knowledge in English and I’m also a beginner in learning German .

I'll be glad to help you with learning Persian in return. I’m interested in learning more about the English and German Language.

I would be happy if I can improve my language skill.

For example, a great number of children’s book illustrators from Iran take part in international exhibitions, such as that of Bologna, Bratislava, etc. Another example is the Iranian film industry, which is represented in various film festivals.

A Separation, directed by Asghar Farhadi, even won an academy award and was publicly screened in America.

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