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This is one of the biggest myths in all of marketing (especially for technical people! We’ve developed a lot of systems to make sure we create material on a regular basis. What’s your number one strategy to keep your list hot, so that people always want to open your emails?

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Anyone can slap up some junk content and throw a few ads up. I’m willing to bet that’s not what you’re looking for.If you really need to shower, ask It’s rude to constantly use it when you don’t pay the bills.“My flatmate’s boyfriend showers more than I do, who needs to shower twice in day!When he talks about starting a business, earning more money, or optimizing your psychology, he is blunt, borderline coarse, and unavoidably disruptive.His opinions are anything but “typical,” but you can’t help but get the feeling that what he’s saying is true — and worth listening to.Introducing yourself would be a good start, after all, no one wants to live with a stranger. “My flatmate’s boyfriend never introduced himself to us, he just hid.” – Jamie, 3rd year.

It doesn’t take much just to say hello – if we got to know you then maybe we wouldn’t mind you living here.

To really grow, you have to spend time understanding marketing, psychology, human nature — in other words, what people want. If you go back and look at my early posts from 2004 or 2005, you’ll see that a lot of them aren’t very good. I felt I had a message that people needed to hear, and I spent a lot of time listening.

If I had only wanted money, I would have given up years ago because it was way too hard. But if your driving goal is money, it’s like saying “I want to be famous.” Very few celebrities wake up in their 20s and say that. One of the biggest misconceptions people have is the tendency to think nobody wants to read long emails.

Leave everything tidy Toothpaste, washing machines and food are no-go zones.

“My flatmate keeps her dishes and kitchenware to herself and doesn’t let us use her stuff, which is fine whatever, but then her boyfriend uses our stuff, like no, that’s not ok.” – Liz, 3rd year.

So this is what we do:- Write stories, not just lectures. Think of a retail store — they love to keep it fresh.