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Chely wright dating now

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Country singer Chely Wright is going to be a mom twice over.

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And my answer has been that I'd love to see some real public support for the LGBT community from my industry. I guess the most intriguing answer would be "yes," but my answer is — I don't think so.He had a movie poster on his wall for a film called Be Real.I told Craig that I'd seen that film, a documentary about everyday people who came out of the closet, and that it had really affected me.Though our state legislators may be intent on turning the clock back a century or four, time insists on moving forward, and it's reasonable to assume that a few decades from now (hopefully sooner), the gay rights and marriage equality movement will have taken its place next to the civil rights movement as a fight for human dignity that ultimately prevailed.States can pass all the anti-same-sex marriage amendments they want, but most studies suggest that younger generations have a much more tolerant and compassionate outlook, so it's only a matter of time before the pendulum swings — it's just up to our leaders to decide which side of history they will join.Many of them have said plainly that they’re cheering me on — from within the confines of their own closet because they don’t feel safe and able to come out. No one has been more supportive than [Music Row executive] Fletcher Foster.

In fact, he is a producer of Wish Me Away, the documentary film about my coming out.

Earlier this month, Wish Me Away, a documentary chronicling Wright's experience coming out, received a nationwide theatrical release, and is now available on demand, and at i Tunes and Amazon. Music Row has a number of gay people in significant positions of authority, some of whom haven’t come out.

Wright, who lived in Nashville for 20 years before moving to New York in 2008, made headlines again recently when she appeared on CBS This Morning, in a segment the network posted online under the headline "Chely Wright: Nashville's quietly rejected me." But as Wright tells the Scene in an email interview, sound bites can be misleading, and there's much more to the story: What reaction to coming out were you expecting, and how has it been different from what you expected? Did you get encouragement from any of those people off the record or behind the scenes? By simply answering it, I kind of sign off on the content of the question, which I’m unable to do.

And Steven Hale looks at our state legislature's blatant hostility toward the LGBT community.

But first, a chat with Chely Wright, who in May 2010 became the first major country music star to come out publicly as gay.

I am frustrated that no one wants to talk about LGBT equality, but it doesn't pull me off track. I have always felt very powerful and free, artistically speaking.