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Choices finding gods way in dating sex marriage and singleness

This is fabulous in marriage and dangerous in casual relationships.

There are people who want to make love once a week, and others once a day.“We can no longer talk about fornication, homosexuality and ignore child sexual abuse, and the process for dating and marriage.” – Ressurrection Graves My bishop wrote several books and one of them outlined that in fact as Christians we are not supposed to date casually, rather we wait on God to bring us the person that he has ordained for our lives and we would become engaged and married.Still he maintained that we should not have pre-marital sex.I can remember him saying that teenagers were not supposed to date.I dealt with trauma from abuse, an emotionally absent mother and misinformation about sexual purity, so I had a child as a teenager.There are children sneaking into parked cars on the parking lots of churches to have sex, exchange inappropriate touching and who engage in sexual misconduct as a result of child sexual abuse trauma.

The church is doing a poor presentation of sexual morality; prevention of child sexual abuse and sexual impurity within the congregation and the pulpit.

The more that people try to control others through organized religion, tradition, government for example, the more that people feel the extremity of such control; but there is always a breaking point, and unfortunately some people turn away from God as a result of pressure.

In my book, Identity Crisis, Identity Christ Is: A Journey to Love I describe being celibate as torture at one point.

My strong belief has always been that there is a specific person that will match you spiritually in a way that someone else will not.

I do believe that you will be attracted to your mate, as many singles fear the answer to this question, “How does God envision me finding a mate?

Externally, the church was known for the unadulterated word of God that flowed through the mouth of the bishop that presided over the house.