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She tried to break away from his hands, but he then tossed her to the floor and forced her to sex.

Having lost patience he stole her keys, made a copy and started waiting.Ninety minutes in, Beck closed with the singalong of “Epro,” the band melting into a guitar-feedback jam and crumbling into a heap center-stage.With the music wailing behind him, Beck stretched a ribbon of yellow crime scene tape across the front of the stage, then wrapped up the writhing pile of guitarists.“This is the most picturesque gig we’ve played on this tour,” he told the crowd—again the music not stopping, Beck spinning lounge-singer style through the groove—”and my aunt tells me we used to spend summers up around here.” So much connection to Seattle!His first guitarist, way back when, was none other than Chris Ballew of the Presidents of the USA.The band launched into a pair of songs from , “Sexxx Laws” into “Debra,” Beck ad-libbing come-ons to some unseen paramour with promises of a world of potpourri and apricot-cucumber exfoliating cream.

Here my friend posited that beloved Sub Pop gag band Flight of the Conchords owes its entire existence to this song, and I think she’s right.

“I first played this song 20 years ago this year,” Beck told the crowd at last night’s concert at Marymoor Park while his five-piece band churned the groove of his biggest hit behind him. I didn’t have a band back then, just a boombox.” The chorus kicked in and the entire crowd sang foolish Spanglish under pastel twilight: Twenty years ago you say, Beck? For a lot of people in the crowd, comprising largely 30- and 40-somethings wearing expensive jeans and drinking cheap beers, “Loser” was a foundational moment in 1994: an anthem for weird kids uncertain of any sort of future beyond underachievement.

(First time I heard the song was blasting from radio behind the reception desk of Rieber Hall my first day at UCLA; a few months later I’d see His Beckness perform it with a boombox at a coffee shop in downtown LA, which I recognized even then as one of the coolest moments of my life.) What this means is our manchild has 20 years of material to chop up and dish out, so much living and learning and growing.

A quick break, then everyone emerged for the encore.

“I’m looking at all these white faces tonight, feeling like I’m gonna give a commencement speech,” Beck said.

He played the new songs a little faster than ‘s funereal pace and with much greater volume (though he complained about having to keep things turned down by request of Marymoor officials).