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Clown sex cam

channel, DM Pranks, has earned millions of hits for featuring clips of menacing clowns behaving strangely or bludgeoning stuffed dummies in public.A scary footage has appeared online that shows a creepy clown approaching a homeowner’s doorsteps.

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“When we get closer, we realize it’s a clown, which is super weird,” she told CBS Chicago’s investigative reporter Dave Savini: It got weirder. A video of creepy clowns surprising people on the streets of California went viral last year.No, when it was all happening, he didn’t even notice.“It hit me after,” he told The Post during a phone interview, in which he called his vehicle a “clown Hummer.” “Like, these, ladies, what the heck where they thinking?Shane Farberman was driving through Toronto on Sunday when he spotted a man.The man was “obviously in distress,” Farberman told CTV, so Farberman kept an eye on him.Eventually, he saw the man encounter two women, either punching or pushing one. '” he told The Post on Tuesday, “not realizing I’m in my clown suit, I’m in a Hummer, and I’ve got two clowns in my back seat.” Okay, yeah, about that last part: Farberman is also known as Doo Doo, and he’s a clown in Canada.

But Farberman called out to the pair — telling them to get in his SUV. (Perhaps you remember him from “Billy Madison.”) Yes, he was wearing his clown costume at the time of the rescue, which happened after an event.

Police have expressed fears of a return of the 'killer clown' trend fuelled by the release of the Stephen King film which stars Bill Skarsgard as Pennywise the clown.

The movie sees a demon take the shape of a clown and lure kids to their deaths.

“That is like making light of a cemetery.” Eventually, the clown caught in the headlights of Graham’s car turns around and, without saying a word, takes off into the darkness of the cemetery. I don’t know if I would like it if something like this happened to me. Maybe under the right circumstance and with the right person. In any case, what did this guy achieve with this “activity”?

asked Slipknot percussionist Shawn "Clown" Crahan for his opinion on Pennywise and other creepy clowns who have made into the pop culture zeitgeist. We’ll see if the thought process and the performance happens.” Speaking of a presumably more fan-friendly clown, Crahan offered, "Ronald Mc Donald? I love Kiss, they're the reason I play music, so no, you know, there's no disrespect here, but I'm not gonna be left to have, you know, demon eyes for my whole career. I'm too over here, there, and everywhere to ever have to be that one thing forever.

Off camera, Farberman said, the man briefly struggles with another person who was walking down the street. I thought it was locked but I didn’t want to take a chance. He grabbed the mirror, put his feet up on the door and just ripped it right off.