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Corinna schumacher dating

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The entire family lives in Switzerland on a 7,000 square foot mansion with their two dogs.Michael originally met Corinna in 1990, while she was dating one of his teammates, Heinz Harald Frentzen.

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At the CS Ranch - the initials stand for her name - Corinna, 45, was 'the epitome of grace and charm. This was a statement to the world that she is comfortable with the progress Michael is making and knows that life must always go on,' said a Swiss radio station.Michael Schumacher, one of F1’s greatest all-time drivers, is currently in critical condition following a skiing accident in the French Alps.Michael Schumacher’s wife Corinna Schumacher (nee Corinna Betsch), is currently by his hospital bed while he battles for his life.He has always made sure there is a clear and distinct line between his public persona and his private one," Kehm stated in the report posted by ABC News Australia last year.Schumacher's wife Corinna is now taking care of both the family businesses and their two children, 20-year-old Gina-Marie and 18-year-old Mick.Another report that was spotted from Swedish newspaper Expressen also reportedly mentioned that Schumacher is scheduled to be seen American doctor Mark Meeks, who was claimed to be a brain injury expert.

New reports from Daily Mail claimed that there is no truth to the rumors, and he will still receive treatments from his private team of experts in his mansion in Gland, Switzerland located near the Lake Geneva.

She had kind words for everyone there.'She was said to be thrilled that her son Mick, 15, who usually likes racing karts like his father did before he graduated to F1, mounted one of her horses to give a display of his equestrian skills before her and his sister Gina-Maria, 17.

Corinna - who spent upwards of ten hours a day at her husband's bedside at the University Hospital Grenoble since his accident on December 29 last year - now visits him daily at the rehab clinic in Lausanne where he has been for the past three weeks.

Early reports indicate that Schumacher was skiing outside a marked trail, and fell, striking his head on a rock.

Despite Schumacher wearing a helmet, immediate attendance by ski patrol, and a hospital airlift within 15 minutes, he has still fallen into a coma suffering brain injury. The couple has two children; Gina-Marie born in 1997 and Mick born in 1999.

Raising a smile: Corinna Schumacher, the F1 ace's wife of 19 years, was hailed as a heroine for her devotion to his recovery.