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Cost of updating electrical

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Old electrical panels can result in a myriad of problems, including: Just because you’re not living in a turn-of-the-century home doesn’t mean your panel is safe…Today’s new electrical panels are well-designed and safe, however homes with panels installed as recently as the 1980s may contain components now known to have deteriorated, becoming unsafe with age and posing safety issues. Consumer Product Safety Commission, the presence of this panel in a home is classified as a safety defect warranting a new electrical panel.

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Far older than any of the above panel types, fuse boxes are only designed to handle 30-60 amps of power, however today’s appliances require 100-200 amps of power or more.The conductors between the meter and panel may become loose and burn out the main lugs, especially common when aluminum conductors were used.Other common reasons to change out an existing panel are due to obsolescence and outdated technology.Insurance companies usually get uptight when they find out the home has a fuse panel and recommend that the panel be changed to a breaker panel system. And for those that have a fuse panel know that if the 15 amp fuse keeps blowing you can screw in a 20 amp, 25 amp, 30 amp fuse till the fuse stops blowing. By using a larger fuse we may stop the problem of the fuse blowing all the time but the wire is rated to carry only 15 amps.Now that we’re used a larger fuse the wire becomes overheated, as it is working beyond capacity.Split-buss panels, cheap builder-grade panels, panels contaminated by water, paint and corrosive environments are often candidates for replacement.

Panels long ago manufactured by Zinsco and FPE have many issues and are considered a hazard by many in the industry.

Some old panels have had circuits added and have maxed out (most old panels are maxed out when the original construction was completed).

Many old panels are of inferior quality and simply stop working and need to be replaced.

but typically these panels should last up to 30-40 years without any problems.

The bottom line is we make sure the heart of your electrical system, the electrical panel, will be trouble free for years and years to come. Our standard lights and receptacles work off a 14 gauge wire. So when we plug in too many devices on one circuit the fuse becomes overheated and ‘blows’.

A panel upgrade or replacement is usually required to alleviate a problem with the existing panel.