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Couples webcam pictures

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Presumably, they engaged in conventional eagle activities: eating fish, tending to a nest, gliding majestically.But as the world has learned in recent years, Ozzie and Harriet are no ordinary eagles.

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After a residential stint elsewhere in North Fort Myers, Fla., the bald eagle pair made their nest on the sprawling property of Dick Pritchett Real Estate, where they flew freely among the pine trees.Our breathtaking location, tranquil setting and outstanding personalized service draw couples to relax and celebrate their love for one another.Our passion for creating your perfect romantic vacation will keep you coming back.It was also reported that he had been entangled in barbwire.” The news sent shock waves through Ozzie and Harriet’s loyal following, not only because of the eagles’ regal beauty as a couple, but also for what they represented: America, of course, and strong family values. The other bald eagle in question was a male rival for Harriet’s affections, The News-Press reports.When Ozzie was discovered injured in a North Fort Myers backyard this Sunday, fighting a bacterial blood infection most likely resulting from this physical struggle, it had already been known for some time that his relationship with Harriet was on shaky ground.The Pritchetts, a family of avid eagle-watchers, wanted to share their feathered tenants with other amateur ornithologists. Since the camera was first installed in 2012, the 24-hour live stream of Ozzie and Harriet’s nest has attracted more than 40 million views from all over the world and 92,000 likes on their Facebook page.

In an article this July, The News-Press of Fort Myers hailed them as the “region’s most celebrated couple.” Today, that community is mourning.

For over twenty years, Ozzie and Harriet lived in marital bliss.

It was clear from the start that they were made for each other.

After an accident involving a car in March, Ozzie was sent to CROW for three months of rehabilitation.

During this time, Harriet was left alone in the nest to care for an eaglet then struggling to survive.

“Both eagles are fighting for what they believe is theirs,” commenter Deb Siraco Cryan wrote.