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Cultural dating diferences by country

It is almost like a job interview or even a house hunt.You have a particular set of specifications that you want your partner to meet.

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Here, in the USA, you would be finding a very business-like approach when it comes to USA dating.If country were a good container of culture, we would expect fewer within-country differences (i.e., people in each country have similar shared values), and greater between-country differences (i.e., people in one country have different values from those in another). Specifically, over 80% of the differences on these values were found countries.One of the reasons for this is decades of immigration across countries, leading to more diversity of values within countries. For one, to talk about a “Japanese” or “American” or “Brazilian” culture leaves a lot of room for error.Overall, dating in other countries is often more practical and sometimes even quite traditional as compared to the open, casual but quite ‘strict to the rules of the game’ kind of dating style being followed in the US.When we talk about managing across cultures, we tend to think of the words “culture” and “country” interchangeably.They meet someone, find for possibilities and find someone else when one date doesn’t work between them.

Asian dating and many other European dating culture, asking a lady out for a dinner might mean some kind of a possibility for a serious commitment.

It is just that the dating scenario is quite different in these countries.

There are many cultures where people do not date multiple people at a time.

If we talk about USA dating, people are more open to their options and don’t mind meeting a perspective date anywhere.

It can be a bar, a club, a restaurant, a beach or a USA dating site.

Additionally, you would be finding that USA dating (like a business deal) follows a certain set of universally acceptable but unwritten rules.