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Cupids wand dating

But when Wuzzleburg becomes a bottle-filled wasteland, Wubbzy, Daizy, Widget and Walden come up with creative ways to reuse the juice bottles.A popular girl group called the Wubb Girlz comes to Wuzzleburg. While everyone tries to act just like them for the competition, Wubbzy decides to just be himself while participating in the Wuzzleburg Idol competition. Wubbzy struggles with stage-fright when performing with the Wubb Girlz.

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Images, videos and audio are available under their respective licenses.Then again, we cannot deny the fact that dating sites are responsible for many successful relationships, with some of them even ending up in an online personals website for the marriage-minded single.Walden waits for the last leaf from the Figgity-Fig tree to fall.When Wubbzy and Widget come back they find Walden fast asleep.Wubbzy, Widget and Walden rehearse for a dance party at the Wubb Club.

Daizy wants to join in but can’t play an instrument, and whenever she tries to tell Wubbzy what she can do, he gives her lots of chores instead.

When the leaf falls Wubbzy and Widget try to catch it before Walden wakes up.

Widget becomes obsessed with her favorite TV show when she builds a television set, the Video-Tron 3000, that has 30 screens, so Wubbzy and Walden try to get her away from it by acting like the characters.

Widget tries making an invention, but when it malfunctions, what will Wubbzy do in the play?

The Fleegle grows to a massive size and causes destruction to Wuzzleburg! but no one can hear him because he doesn't speak loudly enough.

When a game of hide-and-seek unexpectedly takes Wubbzy to a kickety-kickball game, he realizes he misunderstood how to make good friends. Daizy then gets out help from Walden, Widget and the firefighters.