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Curriculum for excellence levels consolidating

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The Scope of Work for this Special Education Programs and Student Services Audit included an analysis and review of the following: staffing and organization; record keeping; professional development; technology; inclusion; student support services; and outcomes.

However, since that time, the number of students receiving this support has steadily declined.Evergreen’s consultants collected the appropriate information required to make a fair and reasonable determination for each of the selected positions, and made classification and compensation recommendations for those positions.Evergreen further reviewed the current job classification structures and recommend classifications and classification strategies which included the drafting of specifications for new classifications.Further, Evergreen developed estimates of costs and savings from the implementation of all recommendations.Evergreen Solutions was hired by Pinellas County Schools to conduct an evaluation of Healthy Children Grant Program, funded by the Foundation for a Healthy St. Evergreen’s evaluation will look across multiple objectives to examine: the utility of activities and strategies planned; the schedule of inception of each, and their interaction with others that may be dependent upon them; and commonalities across objectives that may inform staff of promising practices applicable in projects beyond those specifically examined or of barriers that may be more universal than objective specific.This represents a decrease of 22 percent from the previous audit.

The special education audit included the following: review of staffing and organization of the division’s special education personnel; review of quality and effectiveness of Special Education teacher pedagogy; review of outcomes for students with disabilities; review of the provision of FAPE in special education programs; conduct a cost analysis of the provision of the comprehensive special education program; review of record keeping system for special education; conduct a comparative analysis with similar school districts in the management of special education; and review of the development and functionality of the Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) as outlined by the Virginia Department of Education VAC 20-81-230 D.

Evergreen analyzed positions and write/revise job descriptions, as necessary, and made recommendations regarding FLSA exempt versus non-exempt status.

Evergreen recommended the appropriate designation/job classification for all positions, with written documentation in support of each of the recommendations.

Evergreen was hired by Prince George County Public Schools (PGCPS) to perform a review of the Division’s current classification and compensation structure for 900 full-time teaching and support staff.

Evergreen consultants performed the following tasks for the compensation component of the study: reviewed current scales with recommendations for decompression and step differentiation; examined options to appropriately compensate staff for extra duty assignments (“stipends”); provided a recommendation for policy on placing new employees on our salary scales; reviewed all current employees for proper placement on our scales as per education and years of service at each level of employment; reviewed current methodology for employee longevity; and provided recommendations for any and all methods to attract, retain, and reward staff.

Evergreen was engaged with Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) to conduct a Pay Plan Study.