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Cybersex chatrooms

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Amir Vatan, the CEO, retreated to his office so he could be on the other end of my virgin High Joy chat.Derek Bacon, the CFO, handed me a masturbation sleeve cast from a porn star's pudenda.

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Ms Mileham said it was difficult to get women to respond to her survey.Some went on-line for a quick "sex fix", while others established more meaningful connections, and talked about personal problems and marital issues.In some cases people hoped to start a real-life affair.Ms Mileham said: "The number one complaint from men was lack of sex in the marriage.Many of them said their wife was so involved in child rearing that she wasn't interested in having sex.Research showed that more men than women used chat rooms.

Women were usually bombarded with messages and could pick and choose which ones they were interested in.

Now that we're used to the idea of meeting people through personal profiles and internet communities, "people are looking for an increased level of interaction," he says."With us, you can do everything you would expect at an online dating site," says Lynn.

Members fill out profiles, in varying degrees of detail.

"The most common problem, as this research suggests, is that even when nothing physical happens there's a feeling of infidelity and betrayal as much as when two people have a real affair." But she said it was wrong to think the internet was creating new problems.

Rather, it was bringing out problems between couples that already existed under the surface.

And in many cases what started out as innocent fun ended up as a full-blown affair.