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We went around looking for all of the farms that had signs saying they were selling eggs.

One of our salespeople had discovered Blackbird, and came back talking about this new restaurant that was unlike anything else around. This was before Chicago exploded into the sophisticated food scene.And you can see that the country is less healthy because of it. Blackbird had become an undisputed dining destination for both socialites and food lovers in Chicago.There's always any number of things that could happen.One of my favorite stories was when I was in New York for “Best New Chef,” and [Lucques chef/owner] Suzanne Goin and I were sitting in the bus, with the other chefs, driving around Manhattan.Everyone was like, “Oh, we have a 28-course tasting menu, we do this many courses.” I was sitting next to Suzanne, and she says, “Do you have a tasting menu?

” I said, “I’ve got a tasting menu: it’s appetizer, entrée and dessert.” We both laughed about that. I hope they had a great meal; Paul’s style at that point was very different from Daniel’s.

They’re proud to have their eggs in area restaurants.

It’s the model we hope will help keep more of the food we produce here in-state.

And the food complemented the design, as it should. I think Paul certainly brought a voice to the Midwest.

Ellen Malloy: I would get Paul’s menu, and two weeks later the same dish, same description, was on someone else’s menu, at places you wouldn’t have thought would do that. Madia: We worried that guests possibly didn't really get early on that we were making a change, meaning we were going the other way, toward more quality than the status quo.

It was a beautiful day, the light was beautiful, it was a nice setting, the staff cared so much.