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Dating a paraplegic woman

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one day you will meet the right one that will look past the disability and fall in love with you too. until then keep you chin up hold your head high and keep going you will find him when you least expect disabled too and i am upfront about it in my profile.. just have some limitations but it hasnt nor will it ever stop me...

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If they were written for the weak, the poor, or the disabled, then our social structures would look a lot different than they do right now. You asked why you're considered a compromise now, and I guess you'd also like to hear some advice or learn some solutions. For many people, dating someone with a disability is not an option. They look past it, or don't think much about it, or don't really factor it into how they think about you.I also have a SC injury and I'm facing the same questions, my accident was 8 years ago and I'm still having difficulties in this area it seems to be really the only area I can't firgure out I've had many dates but all end in "I can't handle the chair" or " this is just to different for me" I have tried not telling them but that only seems to end worse then when they find out at the first. Anybody who tells you that your true love will look into your heart and never see the wheelchair is blinder than Helen Keller. Has anybody ever met someone, looked straight into their heart and never noticed leg braces, the huge glasses, the missing arm or whatever? I've seen this frustration with both genders when they are in wheelchairs and on dating sites.several of my friends have told me to date someone else in a wheelchair it will work better I didn't relize I was limited to the people I choose to date. Do not believe that guys who turn you down, run away, etc. Scared, embarrassed, uncertain, ignorant, shallow are not Satanic properties. I feel for you, and going thru a man leaving right after this happened?Based on you restrictions, you will only get e-mail from guys that are looking to date or looking for Long-Term.So helpful suggestions or supportive e-mails from fans like me will be blocked.I would say that getting injured is a part of being human. The problem is that we live in a society that places so many restrictions on people, and how they choose to love, or to arrange their lives.

What you wrote on on 5/3/2006 814 AM describes a social flaw. I have to watch what I say so that attractive women will give me the time of day.

Somewhat local, you have 75 miles on there, yet they must live in Canada restriction. In the situation you are in, the right person may be further than 75 miles. but in my opinion rather your a paraplegic or not you still have a heart and feelings.

Yes I see where you are going with that, but still feel you may have better luck expanding your horizons. it shouldnt matter if your in this position or not you still deserve to be loved for who you are not for who or what they see.

You might meet them online or in person, but if you are open to a relationship, you will meet the person who is right for you and accepts you for all you are and all you're not.

Downsides to dating a paraplegic: Perhaps it is the parking in the most convenient spots, getting the best seats in the house for regular price and not premium, not stumbling on your 3rd drink or because your heels are 4" high, not getting tired from going all the way around the park, oh wait... I have to agree that I hope this woman doesn't think that she gets rejected simply because of her wheelchair. Then all of you become unique, daring, bold, determine, fierce, self-assured, outrageous, novel, the kind of people others want to meet.

Some people find their most obvious differences and blame everything on them, be it age, weight, race, religion, etc. It could help if you can find a way physically impress others, something that can't be done without a wheelchair. Not only will this get attention, but will show off your physical abilities which never fails to impress. Some of you are shaking your heads and going, shallow, pandering, loss of dignity. Adapting to a new situation requires radical change. Human Beings, since the beginning, have been very conservative animals. well, that's the way it goes, doesn't it."Disability is not a brave struggle or ‘courage in the face of adversity.’ Disability is an art.