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Dating a schizoid woman

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Some of the drugs that are commonly used to treat personality disorders are serotonin reuptake inhibitors, anticonvulsant drugs, and risperidone.Psychotherapy can result in positive behavioral changes if it is administered over a long period of time.

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As a result they will attempt to avoid social situations and close interaction with others - preferring to spend time alone, absorbed in their own thoughts and feelings.It is expressed through physical gestures or activities, conscious thoughts, as well as social behavior.A person’s personality is unique, and it remains somewhat the same throughout his or her life.It determines a person’s physical, mental, and emotional responses to certain situations.A personality disorder is a mental condition that prevents a person from thinking and behaving in a flexible way to conform to social expectations.Many people will exhibit a personality that is considered 'normal' and is harmonious with expectations of society.

However there are some who may show signs of a personality disorder - a condition where their pattern of behaviour and inner experience deviates from the norm and affects their ability to lead a happy and healthy life.

Although sufferers may be more open to family members, they rarely maintain close bonds.

They are largely uninterested in social interaction and popularity, and consider it safer and far more comfortable to be solitary and follow rigid, familiar routines.

Evidence suggests that schizoid personality disorder could be the start of schizophrenia, or potentially even a very mild form of it.

Sufferers are in touch with reality, however if they go on to develop schizophrenia this could slip, as the condition is characterised by hallucinations and paranoia.

Personality disorders are usually treated with drug therapy or psychotherapy.