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The Alliance Mission is to unite and empower physician families.Today’s medical families are busy and concerned about their future.

The participation of Saudi Arabia in the program started when Prince Turki Al-Faisal, who is considered the godfather of the rapprochement between Tel Aviv and Riyadh, took up the post of ambassador to the Kingdom in Washington.In one of the telegrams, dated 27 April, 2005, which was sent by the Under Secretary of State for Economic and Cultural Affairs to the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, regarding the receipt of a telegram from the Head of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia, to clarify the Saudi dealings with Israeli companies, the Saudi Under Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs referred to the Decision of the Saudi Cabinet No. The decision concerns the suspension of the boycott of Israel at the second and third levels, and the preservation of the first level, which stipulate that the Kingdom boycotts the totally Israeli companies and does not boycott the ones that Israel or persons holding Israeli nationality own a share in, or foreign companies that deal with Israeli companies according to the first level.This means that the Saudi authorities have allowed companies, which have relations with Israel, to work in the Kingdom in various fields, since the mid-nineties, and that the review is only restricted to special cases related to information security.This comes in the context of what international relations experts call “the establishment of normal relations rooted at the bottom.” The telegram sent by the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs demands the completion of information on a delegation of tens of Saudi students who were hosted by the Israeli Embassy in Washington as part of a training program for the preparation of leaders, under the auspices of the US government.The telegram, which was sent in August 2008, refers to the demand of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to see the content and purpose of the visit, as well as the questionnaires filled out by the students, in addition to the content of the articles that were written and printed by the Israeli Embassy and granted to the students., dating back to 1922, is the largest organization representing the family of medicine in the United States.

The Alliance network of physicians and physicians’ spouses represents all stages of the medical lifestyle, from the training years to retirement.

This confirms that Naif’s article was a test balloon for the reactions of Israel firstly and the Arab media secondly.

There is another telegram from the Under Secretary of State for Information and Technical Affairs to Saud Al-Faisal about the interest of Arab media in the article of the Israeli writer and his comments on the whole matter.

In 2014, a survey conducted by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy on the Arab – Israeli conflict and on the future of the peace process revealed that the majority of the people surveyed in Saudi Arabia, about 1000 people, supported “making peace with Israel and the two – state solution.” The Saudi sample, when compared to UAE and Kuwait, topped the list, in terms of the number of supporters of “peace” with Israel among the three samples, at 61 per cent.

In this context, Salman Al-Ansari, the founder of the Saudi lobby in the United States, called for a “cooperative alliance” between Riyadh and Tel Aviv based on “common regional and economic interests.” He pointed out also that “there is a historic opportunity for a new era of peace and prosperity.” According to the news website that Israel is “uniquely positioned to help its neighbor in economic development in the coming years.” He considered that the political dialogue between the two sides is not only in the interest of the two countries but also in the interest of the Middle East and the international allies of Saudi Arabia and Israel.” According to , Al-Ansari wrote that Israel is “one of the most developed and technologically advanced countries in the field of mining,” and added that it is “one of the world’s leading countries in the water engineering industry,” which are two issues of great importance to Saudi Arabia.

What is remarkable is that the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not raise any objections or warnings in the telegram about this visit, and that it dealt with it routinely, exactly as is the case when the Ministry of Foreign Affairs asks its embassies around the world about a specific event.