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In 1970, an average of 5.7 people lived in a Thai household.

Thailand's Disease Control Department estimates that only 23 percent of Thai children under 15 can swim.Registered members of the BDSM Personals community showcase their profiles here.ALT is the best alternative personals website with the most members.In Harold Interlocking – one of the busiest train interlockings in the United States – work is being done to reconfigure and modernize the complex system of switches and tracks that serve four commuter rail systems and a cargo freight rail with the goal of smoothing and speeding travel through the area.Benefits from this work will impact rail passengers using the northeast corridor.An aggressive public education campaign begun in the early-1990s reduced the number of new HIV infections from 150,000 to 25,000 annually.

Entirely preventable is the leading cause of death among the age cohort under 15 years of age: drowning.

It includes such measures as population density and distribution, ethnicity, educational levels, public health metrics, fertility, economic status, religious affiliation, and other national characteristics. It is concentrated in the rice growing areas of the central, northeastern, and northern regions.

Its urban population—principally in greater Bangkok—was 45.7 percent of the total population in 2010 according to National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB).

The East Side Access megaproject is one of the largest transportation infrastructure projects currently underway in the United States with a history that reaches back to the 1950’s when discussions were first held regarding regional transportation planning.

The project encompasses work in multiple locations in Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx and includes more than 8 miles of tunneling.

Every year, 30,000–50,000 Thai die from HIV or AIDS-related illnesses.