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Dating approach anxiety

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So, we can lay down our burdens, straighten our backs, and start to walk tall.

After all, in nature, pretty much everything beautiful happens to be deadly as well.The reason that social anxiety is a bigger problem is because it changes your actions and behaviors: you stop chasing your goals in order to avoid feeling anxious.What is is specifically about social anxiety that causes problems?Not only have we grown up, but the world we live in has changed.It is no longer cool for someone to hurt another person’s feelings to receive approval from their peer group, especially not in our adult lives.This is the one of the most firmly established principles in psychology and therapy.

It’s also the only way to build lasting confidence.

Guys who think they have to get over their approach anxiety before improving their dating lives are wrong.

Approach anxiety isn’t a problem if you are actually approaching regularly. Let’s look at another example: imagine someone with a fear of snakes: that alone isn’t really a problem.

By dealing with being judged over and over, you realize that it isn’t actually that bad, and it’s something you can handle. Doing all these things are more uncomfortable in the short term, but in the long term, counteract the thinking and avoidance behavior that makes social anxiety so powerful.

The fear and avoidance lessen the more you do it, and over time this translates to other areas of your life. Don’t agree with people if you don’t actually mean it. As with any important life change, thinking about it isn’t important.

He called them “shame attacking exercises”, and there are countless examples you can find by a quick Google search.