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Dating chine by trademark

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Proof of use of the trademark prior to renewal is not currently required.Back To Top China law distinguishes among three types of trademarks: Back To Top The Trademark Office accepts applications claiming priority based on applications in other Paris Convention or bilateral treaty nations.

But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? To pursue a priority claim, the applicant must provide a copy of the foreign application upon which the claim is based.Back To Top Any visual sign, or combinations of thereof, capable of distinguishing the goods or services of a natural person, legal person, or organization, from the goods of others, including words, figures, letters, numerals, three-dimensional signs, and combinations of colors, are eligible for registration as a trademark.After the mark is published, there will then be a three-month opposition period.If no opposition is filed within that period, the application will mature into registration.Where a foreign party files an application for the registration of a trademark in a foreign country, it may enjoy priority rights if the applicant files an application for registration of the same trademark with the same goods in China within six months from the date of application, in certain foreign countries.

Similarly, the applicant of a trademark may enjoy priority rights within six months from the date on which the trademark is exhibited on goods for the first time at an international exhibition held or recognized by the Chinese government.

Suggestive marks are generally considered to be "descriptive" by Trademark Office examiners.

For more specific information on marks barred from registration, please contact our office.

The owner of a registered trademark may indicate the words "registered mark" or the "R" symbol.

Evidence such as invoices, advertisements, sales records, or Customs declarations indicating use of the registered mark will establish use of the mark.

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