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Dating contact 100 register friend zone

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Imagine that friendship is a good that people acquire in exchange for the currency of their time.

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Stop wasting your time with me and go hang out with a girl who might one day bear your children.” Do this now.What then, is the average man looking for in a friend? You are not especially good at liking “Karate Ninja 7: Exploding Hands of Fury,” or informing the offensive line of the Chicago Bears, via your Samsung, that they are all false starting idiots.By and large, something along these lines: If you are a lady who believes your dude friends are genuinely “just friends,” ask yourself this: Which of these things are you better at giving a man than another man is? When a guy is comfortable within the borders of Emotional-Repression-ville, you’re not great at letting him stay there.For the Friend Zone to be destroyed, women must accept the following truths: you don’t have any guy friends and, in fact, you can’t have any guy friends.By “friends,” I don’t mean acquaintances or chummy colleagues you only see at work, or friends of friends that you don’t get together with outside of a group setting, or what I call buffer-zone friends—people of the opposite sex you can be friends with because there is a significant other in between to take the romantic element out of the equation.Don’t worry that he was genuinely only in this for the friendship.

Truth be told, you were never particularly good at offering him that in the first place. Get pregnant a bunch of times and give birth to a bunch of beautiful little future taxpayers. The time has come to rebuild America’s demographic glory atop the rubble of the fertility-killing Friend Zone.

Clearly, you need to be on the express track to the Marriage Zone.” Don’t worry that he’ll reject you.

Just as the vast majority of mythological sailors didn’t want to crash their ships into the rocks when they pursued the beauty of the sirens’ song, he most certainly didn’t want to end up here when he began pursuing your song.

Virtually every man who meets the one-on-one qualification does, in fact, want to date you.

To understand why, it helps to look at things from an economic perspective.

The latest numbers on American birth rates are in, and they yield only one reasonable conclusion: All of us need to start having more babies or else the upcoming demographic tsunami will consume our nation, cripple our social programs, and leave us with a future so bleak that our only source of joy will be the moment we’re chosen to receive the sweet, fatal kiss of the Obamacare Death Panels, the Trumpcare Firing Squads, or the Oprah Care Hemlock Squadrons.