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Dating for shy girls

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In high school, I would often pick out a girl who seemed to be very introverted and try to get to know her better.Like other guys, I assumed that shy girls were perfect to pursue and date.

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Watch the entertainment news before you go out to see what people are talking about in regards to music and movies. Ask questions to prove that you are paying attention and share related stories you have on the topic of conversation.Style your hair in a way that you think is most flattering on you. Most shy people are not comfortable in tight or revealing clothing, so don't think you need to wear it to make yourself get noticed. Shy or not, most people can tell if a person is not being genuine when they're flirting.Don't pretend to be an expert on mechanical engineering just because your crush works in the field.They will take longer to open up at first, but, if you give them time, it will happen if they like you. It’s great to hear how attractive you are, the things you’re doing well, etc.This is especially useful if you’re unsure where the relationship is (or isn’t) heading. So, you might have to work a little harder to connect emotionally and romantically with a shyer woman.You can't expect to change your personality overnight, but you can change over time.

At first you may be uncomfortable trying some of these tips. To keep your smile from looking fake, think of a funny memory or a beautiful sight from your past.

Know your personality and use it to your advantage.

Shy people have a tendency to not want to take risks.

You might get a compliment or affirmation or two, but they’re often few and far between. Remember that introverts look inward for strength and energy and that includes with their emotions. Also, I’m not implying all shy women have more issues than outgoing women.

Consequently, shy girls often have bigger walls than their outgoing counterparts. Just that those who do, if they’re introverted, may not have dealt with them as well as their more talkative counterparts.

Obviously, you have to decide if you’re a good fit with a shy girl.