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Dating genius single

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But if you’re not a fan of Plus tyres, there’s nothing stopping you fitting something narrower.

Yes, the old Genius had quite a low leverage ratio at the start of the travel, making the shock hard to compress, then a relatively high leverage ratio from the sag point, making it easy to compress.Perhaps it wants to ensure than the Genius won’t be out of date in a few years time?We also know that Scott has a Nicolai Geometron in its fleet for evaluation purposes, so perhaps that has influenced the new sizing.It’s advised to run the high setting for 27.5in and the low setting for 29in, but there’s nothing stopping you from playing around with alternative combinations.We’re delighted to say Scott has been relatively restrained with the new Genius range.Finally there are three all-alloy models to round out the range.

No word on pricing as yet, but we’ll update this page when we do. Syncros has developed an integrated carbon bar and stem, called the Hixon IC SL, that’s fitted to the top two models.

In a further move towards inclusivity, the Genius frame is built to accommodate big volume tyres.

Specifically you can run up to 27.5×2.8in and 29×2.6in rubber, and that’s exactly the tyre size specced on the new models.

It also allows impressively clean cable access to the damping controls on the dual chamber Fox Nude shock for the Twin Loc remote system.

As with the Spark, the shock is driven by a compact rocker link, but from here back, the two models diverge; the additional travel of the new Genius prohibiting the use of a pivotless, flex-stay swingarm similar to the one found on its shorter travel sibling. It used to, but the patent has now expired, allowing Scott to use it once again.

Either way, the result is that the new Genius offers a comprehensive size range that actually caters for riders over 6ft.