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Dating gillette razors blades

And for a more modern razor there is a fantastic S4 long handled Super Adjustable which is from Q4 1972.When you see Gillette razors advertised you will often see the date code included in the description. So, say, the Fat Boy was made for just four years and it would be quite simple to accumulate one made in each quarter that it was manufactured. As with everything to do with personal shaving date of birth razors are a personal thing, to some people they are important and they hunt them down, other people just can’t be bothered.

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Most of these are the adjustable models made in the late 1950s, which take a single, old-style, double-edge blade.Some, called "comb razors," were made with a row of little teeth below the blade; the combs tend to leave a touch more shaving cream behind, which creates more glide.Some were made in three parts, which the shaver took apart and re-assembled with every blade change — a system that yields a very stable device but it's fussy.One very interesting feature of Gillette razors is that with very many of them you can tell when it was manufactured. From 1904 to 1931 each razor carried a serial number.Though from 1921 to 1931 this was just for the top models.They are considered by many to be the apex of Gillette’s razor designs, yet in their day, they sold for a mere $1 apiece. " When he went looking for a machine shop to do it, he ran into a series of obstacles that taught him a lot about why razor designs, and manufacturing in general, have declined so dramatically in the U. Just for starters, he discovered that the engineering capabilities for making a sophisticated, double-edge razor are virtually extinct.

Today, these old razors have become so popular that some of the rarer models can sell for upwards of $400 after they've been shined up. The price of novelty In the 1970s, when Gillette moved into the more lucrative market of multi-blade cartridges and throw-away plastic razors, the company started selling off most of its manufacturing machinery for double-edge (called DE) shaving gear.

I have a small collection of these, which I use, and have written about the Super Speeds and Adjustables on here before.

Tens of thousands (maybe more) of real shaving enthusiasts seek out and use these razors, their prices go ever upwards on e Bay.

This is something rather nice that you can do with traditional, real shaving.

Gillette have been the dominant manufacturer of shaving equipment on planet earth for about a century.

Looking at some of my razors there is a red tip Super Speed that has B2 stamped on the underside of the head, this razor was made in April, May or June of 1956 and it still shaves perfectly today.