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Dating girls in morocco

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There's a lot of stereotypes and misinformation, eg.that all Moroccan men are scammers and neanderthals and the women are pure virgins, when this is far from the truth.

At my knowledge and by meeting her family members I found out something was wrong with every single member of her family.Shadier sources of income consist of drugs and prostitution, that may or may not involve scams.The system is very corrupt there Well this goes without saying, it is very corrupt even if they have a higher education it is extremely hard to progress in life. Moroccans that come from good families, stay focussed in school, do work experience (stage) and are relatively well-connected, are capable of doing very well.Submitted by Lina (United Kingdom), Sep 24, 2013 at While a great majority of Moroccan men (and women) do look for a foreign partner for money or immigration, this is not always the case, and I am saying this with experience and insight.Dear Christine, to put this in context, I would say that the majority of Moroccan boys learn from a young age that they need to find a western girlfriend to have any real chance in life to get on. Although rare, there are some Moroccans that are too pious, proud of themselves and their culture to marry a foreigner for unsavoury purposes, and would rather rely on hard work (and connections) to get them ahead.Their culture and ways are actually quite shocking, and I mean shocking to us.

Yes, the culture is "different" to put it mildly, but Morocco is one of the most modern countries in the region and is becoming increasingly Westernized.

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In the end they do usually marry a Moroccan girl, mostly because it is the safer and easier option, and they recognise the identity issues their future children might face etc etc.

There are also men that don't care about culture or their own women.

As for shocking, while I disagree with some of the rampant misogny over there I don't think there's anything wrong with traditional values, something that's truly lacking in the West - and I think this is one of the things that attracts women to the men.