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Dating guitar amps

Guitars and basses prior to 1970 did not have serial numbers.

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Still, determining the actual model year can sometimes be very tricky, but by paying close attention to these details, a good educated guess can be made.For example, there are some set-neck guitars (circa 1987) with the block logo (which wasn't "officially" introduced until 1988).Because features and options were added or discontinued at various times during the year, and because Carvin would generally accommodate requests to use features that were no longer officially offered, there are some exceptions to the rules presented here.For example, a TL60 made in 2002 has a serial number of 63663, while a Bolt made in 2000 has a serial number of 82398, and an LB70 made in 1998 has a serial number of 63094.These examples are actual serial numbers, as well, and are only one example of the randomness of Carvin's serial number schema, especially from 1995 to the present.For much more detailed information of features, models and the relevant model years, see the Guitar Identification Matrix.

As with all Carvin guitars and basses, the presence (or absence) of a specific feature does not guarantee the year of manufacture.

Carvin does not keep an accurate database of serial numbers, and cannot provide any information based solely on a serial number.

Because many of the guitars they produce are custom orders, the serial numbers flow as the orders are received, therefore, sequential serial numbers could represent any model guitar or bass.

Serial numbers can be of some help in narrowing down the possible guitar models available for any given year, but the most accurate method of making the determination, particularly on a guitar where the serial number is not known, is by looking at the woods, hardware, and headstock, and then seeing what models from what year fit that criteria.

Serial number information for Carvin instruments is scarce, and bass guitars were serialized right along with guitars: Extrapolation of serial numbers is practically impossible, and the numbers themselves have no logical order.

Because maple (and birdseye maple) cannot be stamped with a serial number like ebony can, a model with rounded body side (and therefore, no jackplate) with a maple fingerboard would have the serial number on the control cavity cover plate.