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Dating hype

With arguably the greatest rivalry in college football just days away, few among the Sooner faithful need that extra boost to gear themselves up for Saturday’s always-anticipated and bitter matchup with the Longhorns.

On the field, however, the narrative has become flagrantly monotonous.More significantly, heading into the Champions Trophy, even India's bowling seems a few notches above their Pakistani counterparts.One needn't look beyond the results of the warm-up matches of both sides against Bangladesh to substantiate the aforesaid - Pakistan conceded 341 and India skittled the same opposition out for 84.A couple of wins in big tournaments and the pendulum will swing once more. So tournaments like these provide fans a great opportunity to witness this age-old rivalry with bragging rights being the biggest incentive.And at times such as these, you see the entire nation coming together in spite of any internal differences amongst them.Javed Miandad's last ball six, India's defence of a paltry 125 at Sharjah, Amir Sohail's thrilling attack and Venkatesh Prasad's riposte, and Shoaib Akhtar's twin strikes at Eden Gardens, seem mere relics of a medieval past now.

Much of this has to do with Pakistan's steep decline.

Since the 2011 World Cup semi-final, the chasm between the sides has grown wider and wider.

While Pakistan never had a great world tournament record against India, the consummate ease with which India have recently routed Pakistan could easily confuse an amnesia-stricken cricket buff into believing that they were merely an associate nation, turning up for the traditional slaughter at the hands of a cricket superpower.

In this rivalry's resplendent past, also lies the hope of an equally bright future, one that can also reinviogarate interest in the 50-over format.

At this uncertain hour, the contest deserves its moment in the sun once again.

While Liverpool tasted plenty of success in the 70s and 80s, Manchester United have been dominant in the Premier League era since the early 90s.