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On the count of three, everyone hits play and suddenly hundreds of people start dancing in sync, in silence. Search for fun dance routines on You Tube and dance the night away!Bonus: You’ll be ready to rock the dance floor on your next night out (or when you’re invited to nine weddings next year).

While a massage is certainly a great way to indulge, they can be expensive. Sometimes, $15 or $20 will get you a pass into the spa, steam rooms and gym so you can bliss out all day long for one low price.I remember being asked on my first date a week after moving to Lubbock and he asked the dreaded question “where do you want to go? First Friday Art Trail This is widely known to Lubbock Locals and College students." I was thinking about the drive into Lubbock and in the back of my mind I thought, oh well, we can have a dust storm picnic in the middle of nowhere because this place S U C K S. Overtime I learned that Lubbock has some secret gems that are going to force you to bring out your fun side, use your imagination, and be a little romantic. On the first Friday of every month Lubbock hosts an art trail in the Lubbock Cultural District.( Yes, Lubbock has an Art District I was surprised too).They still offer a variety of cuisine, but the restaurants are higher-quality than fast food (like the Eataly Italian food-focused food halls based in New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Chicago), and many also have shops, galleries and bars.If you are beer-lovers, breweries abound in many cities and often have top-notch food options.Once you do, you can both put your names on the little notebook inside the capsule and commemorate your first date forever.

Trivia nights usually charge a $5 or $10 cover charge, but anything after that is up to you.

There’s plenty to pick from, but one that’s still going strong is goat yoga.

Other ideas: stand-up paddleboard yoga, hip-hop yoga or buti yoga, which combines tribal movements with traditional yoga moves.

Plus, some of these food courts have taken up residence in some cool, old buildings—like The Source in Denver that’s housed in an old foundry, and The Cigar Factory in Charleston, South Carolina, with its name a nod to the spot’s past life.

Grab your sister and try one of the latest yoga trends.

Embrace your creative side and see who can paint the weirdest picture. Indoor trampoline parks are, excuse the pun, springing up all over the place.