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Dating image consultant

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She gave me good ideas as to what was and wasn’t working and helped me purge items that probably would have just sat in my closet forever — items that didn’t excite me and items that unnecessarily camouflaged my figure. We met at a convenient location with my ideal style and budget in mind.

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Later, I purchased the Dating Detox package from her.She is hardworking and organized, clever and witty.She is also a sleuth on the dating front, quick to spot potential red flags and highlighting signs of good potential.find someone and then worked with me to figure out how I would do it.She reminded me that even though I think I’m bad at dating, I’m actually an awesome person who would be considered a catch to any single guy.She helped me to work on my limiting beliefs regarding myself, dating and men. Neely helped me to focus on building up my core values and cleared up many misconceptions and toxic thoughts I have about dating.

I immediately felt a lot more confident socializing and going out on dates.

It was a pleasure and privilege to work with Neely.

Through the process, I found a wonderful man online who I am currently in a relationship with.

When I get dressed now, it’s a much more positive experience, and I have more outfits that I feel comfortable and stylish in.

I also feel that I know what to look for when trying on new (or old) clothes to make sure they are going to complement my shape. Friends and family have given me lots of advice and opinions on my single status, and I had read several books and articles on the art of dating and “snatching a guy,” but I did not find any of these things to be helpful, or motivating.

She was attentive to every last detail including my hair, makeup, and wardrobe for my photo shoot.