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Dating ingraham clocks

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These same clocks should be cleaned about every eight to ten years.Cleaning removes all dust and dirt, any corrosion or rust and removes all of the old oil.

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Bell striking clocks are usually earlier, striking on bells came first.French antique clocks often strike once on the half hour, and then strike the number of hours on the hour.Usually the right hand winding arbor winds the time side of the clock and the left hand winding arbor winds the striking side of the clock.Many clocks have stopped and cannot be re-started, or are reluctant to keep running.Such conditions are almost always the result of neglect.Fresh lubrication is then applied to the pivots and other areas that must be lubricated. The time between servicing depends very much on the environment where the clock is placed.

The best location is out of direct sunlight, away from heat or cold and away from forced air vents or baseboard heaters.

However, all mechanical clocks must be properly serviced on a regular basis.

Servicing should be done by a qualified technician since to lubricate properly it is necessary to first remove the movement from the case, then remove the hands and dial to gain access to the front plate pivots.

If you don’t want the clock to strike or chime, there is usually a Strike/No-Strike lever to achieve this.

All mechanical clocks should be lubricated or re-lubricated roughly every three to five years.

Do not just wind the time side of the clock as this may cause a mechanical hang-up causing the clock to stop.