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Dating jasperware wedgwood

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All the antiques (8,500 pieces) were professionally packed in 1972 when she unexpectedly died.

The figures are in sharp detail and concise when compared the later ones.and the rim letter ‘X’ in a circle, and letter ‘L’. This is a beautiful piece, the impressions are clear and concise.On one side there was a scene with Antonia bearing an urn and Flora approaching the alter which is beautiful made with flames and steam and is engraved at the base.The style of the candlestick is such that its base is eight sided.This beautiful candlestick is impressed ‘WEDGWOOD’, and ‘O’ which makes it 1860 or 1866.In the center is Euterpe, the Muse of Lytic Poetry.

Around her on the rim are laurel leaves with a four-leaf clover on the corners.

On the other side is Diana with the stag beside her, bearing her un-On one side we see the Dipping of Achillies by the goddess Thetis into the river Styx.

Note, he is being held by his heel making it the only vulnerable spot on his body.

There is a tiny flea mark on the out rim at the top.

This was the first item acquired by Legacy Antiques (1955), a pair of ‘old’ candlesticks made by Wedgwood. They are impressed ‘Wedgwood’, ‘A’ (1872), with the initials ‘KJG’ and the potter’s mark ‘:.’ . Each has the muse ‘Urania, the Muse of Astronomy’ on one side.

There is some inner staining around the rim by the cheese, probably Stilton.