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Dating midlife crisis

For months he paid two staggering city rents, though he never spent a night in the second place. A few months before, Emma had raised the idea of planning a vacation and David couldn't commit to it.

He might leap from one to another, or opt out and start a small business, or adopt the magical title "consultant." If he does stick to corporate life, his uniform is likely khakis and a graphic tee; meetings happen in "idea pods"; he hits the office climbing wall at lunch. Modern gals are fine with living in sin (6.4 million American couples do it), tying the knot later, and waiting to have kids until they've established their careers, which allows them to contribute to the coffers: Four out of five American couples are now double income, and recent reports show many women outearning men in entry-level and top-echelon positions.I have something to confess: I’ve been struggling recently. And when I look around at some other coaches with their Bali retreats and their book tours, I have to admit, I get a little envious. So, to make sure that I am covering all the right material in my new coaching program, I would really appreciate it if you can tell me: What is the single most burning question you have about understanding men? Either way, I’m asking you to help shape my new coaching program. So thanks for listening and thanks for telling me the one thing you want to understand about men.My struggles are probably different than yours, but they’re real nonetheless. I am an extrovert who leads an introverted life, and it’s been a great source of frustration to me for many years. I suspect I already know, but, hey, that’s why I’m asking the question. By listening to your needs, I can craft a curriculum that addresses what YOU want to learn. I live by your words Evan, and follow you faithfully!!This man is a 50-year old management consultant, he is smart and funny but looks like he hopped out of bed and can’t walk 10 feet without his back or legs hurting as he is 50 lbs overweight (I even gave him that benefit as he was working on losing weight). I had to let him down nicely yesterday as he already considered me his girlfriend after only 4 dates.I probably gave him more chances than I should have but I thought there was really some good potential through our phone conversations prior to meeting him.I am attracted to alpha, take-charge men (aren’t we all). My expectations are not that high as I know I’m in that bracket where the field of available men is pretty narrow.

I spend 50 hours a week working and doing for everyone else, taking care of a house and 2 teenage boys, I just want a man to step up, make a plan, and look presentable!!

I do make time for dating but it seems that it is just one disappointment after another over the last few years.

I don’t have 2-3 hours a day to devote to looking “online” and I tend to reply to the men who contact me (which is probably 20-30 a week but I typically narrow down to 5).

So Emma, in her mid-30s, put it on the line: Propose by the end of March or it's over. After logging endless hours with a couple's counselor, they stayed together "with the understanding that I'm supposed to impregnate her by the end of the year," says David, who has since given up his bachelor pied terre. She's super-smart, has a kick-ass job, and she doesn't have any baggage.

She's strong for the two of us, and if I don't do this, I'll lose her.

"The wedding was his idea," says the 34-year-old teacher who, despite earning about half what John does, had built up her savings while he dug himself into debt buying clothes, electronics, and flights to his native U. "He started acting antsy and short-tempered" a few months before the big day, she says.