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RAS: I think it’s going to absolutely be a big mystery.

Your father does not want to be in business with Fred Andrews. Glamour: There was some interesting foreshadowing in the scene where Archie, Veronica, Betty, and Jughead are at Pop's having milkshakes.Veronica and Archie come clean to Betty that they're now an item, but Betty doesn't seem to mind because she's happily involved with Jughead.Of course, Archie secretly longs for Betty, but he convinces himself he can be just as happy with Veronica.packed more twists and turns into its season one finale than perhaps any other teen drama.(We're warning you now—if you haven't seen tonight's finale, then stop reading.) Let's get right to it.Meanwhile, Jughead and Betty declare their love for each other (topped off with a hot and heavy make-out sesh against the wall).

They almost sleep together until the Southside Serpents knock on Jughead's door (naturally).

Betty is also having a hard time coping with the crumbling of her beloved Riverdale and resorts to digging her nails into her hands until they bleed.

It's not the first time we've seen her self-harm, but the problem is only getting worse.

As the episode begins, we learn the Blossom's maple syrup business is actually a cover-up for Clifford's real moneymaker: heroin.

He transported the drug on his trucks from Montreal, which Jason Blossom figured out prior to his murder.

Try to convince Archie to convince Fred." So yet again, Veronica is thrust into the cauldron, but it’s a different question. Jughead—via his narration—says: “Here at least in this booth, we were safe.”RAS: Correct, yeah.