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Dating people in the army

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Go, designed for people who are thinking of joining and their loved ones, provides a clearinghouse of information on what Army life is truly like.

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This is probably one of the worse things that anyone would hate because the lack of communication is awful.Work schedules and leave time are always at the discretion of his superiors and are subject to change at any time.Relocation and deployment occur with little warning.In addition, your man is surrounded by the Army way of life.Before moving forward in your relationship, learn the Soldier’s Code, the Army Values and the daily life of a soldier.Skype, text messaging and phone calls are possible at most locations, allowing you to communicate in real time.

If your boyfriend is stationed within a reasonable drive of your home, you might want to spend some time with him on post.

You must show a valid driver’s license and, if you are driving, proof of car insurance.

Depending on the current security alert level at a particular base, your car might be searched.

If you are permitted to explore on your own, pay close attention to posted signs. Deployment is one of the toughest and scariest parts of military life.

Fortunately, the Army provides resources for loved ones facing a soldier’s deployment.

While we love our men and all that they stand for, we have to deal with some things that other couples don't.