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Dating powerful women

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If you stand in her way, she won`t be afraid of getting rid of you. Whether you’re just trying to get a date when you’re pursuing successful women or you’ve been out a few times, don’t be afraid to offer her your jacket, hold a door or pick her up for a date.Pursuing a strong woman doesn’t have to be intimidating…powerful women are fully capable of doing these things for themselves, but everybody likes to be taken care of sometimes.

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Each woman got an email about where and when the study would take place, including a photograph of the research assistant who would be there—some of them got an "attractive" researcher and others saw a photo of a decidedly "unattractive" one.Why don’t we first examine some core elements of being a “strong woman:”As I look over this list, it seems to me that these qualities are gender neutral. She is seen as, “independent, self-reliant, not needing a man, strong-willed, and a motherly or matronly take charge person who tells people what to do and takes no nonsense.” Bottom line, this is someone to be feared. Brings up mommy issues, feelings of dependency and individuation challenges. In other words, she will have a mind of her own and I may have to justify myself (ideas, beliefs, desires) and she will not go along with me just because I think she should.Deep stuff but we will leave that for another time.◊♦◊How often have you heard someone say, “Hey, Bob, I want to introduce you to this ‘strong woman’? Most guys are probably backing up big time at this question. Gasp, you mean she is an independent life form with a mind of her own?Remember the only thing, strong women don’t spend their life to find a man because her life is busy enough without one.But that doesn’t mean that she isn’t open to dating!Successful women aren’t against finding someone in her life, it’s not just the center of her world. Of course, some more useful information you can learn from or different women’s blogs.

But if you really want to know more about successful women in relationships, you should continue reading this post.

A strong man does not see the cons as cons at all, but as opportunities to grow and become more than who he is.

Depending on where you are at in life, the pros of being involved with a strong woman is either a daunting proposition or an exhilarating vision.

The concept of a “strong” woman goes against a lot of our cultural programming. ◊♦◊Sometimes I think men would like their women to be like obedient dogs. Hard to believe, I know, but I talk to them in therapy every day.

For example, if someone said to me, “Hey Steve I’d like to introduce you to this really caring, sweet, loving soul,” – oh, that sounds good. When someone talks about a strong woman, it sounds good for helping lift furniture or running a company. When these men discover that they cannot control women, they think that marrying, for example, a South Asian woman will do the trick (boy are they in for a big surprise), you know, someone who is totally in alignment with your will, reads your mind and cooks your meals on time and just like Mom did. They are like people who complain about immigration, not willing to deal with change in a constructive manner.

If they agreed to continue, they had their photo taken (one close-up and one of their entire body so that clothing could be viewed) and were then asked questions about their relationship status and personal perceived attractiveness, among other things.