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Dating prince albert tobacco tins

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This combination of rarity and demand drives prices up into the hundreds and sometimes even the thousands of dollars.To bring top prices tins need to be in good condition without areas of the lithography scraped off, without fading, rust, dents or other defects and preferably with a nice shine to the finish of the tin.

Since many tobaccos were sold in bags, not tins, it was special. Co., Bennington, Vermont." The stand is 26 inches high and has an ashtray on the top, a pipe holder on each side, a drawer and a small cabinet. The company introduced smoking accessories in the 1910s and continued to make them through the '20s." or "Then why don't you let him out before he suffocates!?April Fools' Day is the day for jokes, but so are many other days. By the 1850s, potters were making puzzle jugs with holes that let liquid dribble down a shirt front and beer mugs with a ceramic frog or snake inside waiting to appear when the beer was gone.Mid Level Tobacco Tins usually sell for $20-80 and include tins that are somewhat scarce, have moderate demand, or for whatever reason collectors are willing to pay elevated prices for.If your tin isn’t one of the brands mentioned in the Entry Level section, but it’s not listed on the site, then it’s probably a mid level tin.Prince Albert was a very popular brand of tobacco first made in 1907.

It was named for the future king of England, Edward VII (called "Albert" by his family), and his picture was on the front. was founded by Henry Theodore Cushman in 1889 and remained in business until 1980.

Our collectors are very interested in these tins and we love to be able to offer them, bringing strong prices for sellers.

) The blend is burley-based and remains one of America's top-selling pipe tobaccos. The brand is the basis of a practical joke, usually made in the form of a prank call.

If it's in great condition, it's worth $100 or more. I own some beautiful cut-glass pieces that belonged to my grandparents. It probably is possible, assuming the split is clean and in a cut, not clear, part of the glass.

After a recent move, I discovered that one of the bowls had split in half. The monetary value of the bowl is lost, but its sentimental value, appearance and use can be saved.

However, we don’t have every tin out there listed on the site so if you think your tin might be valuable, feel free to send us a picture to look at and we’ll be happy to help.