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Dating relating

Regardless, I wrote this book to offer some solutions. I have been a researcher of love, attraction, seduction, and relationships for over 30 years.

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Are you tired of everyone else around you getting engaged and “moving on with their life”? Some of them may make immediate sense, while others may require some time to sink in.At the time, I was actively focusing on my other blog, How to Write Blogs for Money.I was “leaning back” from the dating group, but in observation mode in case a situation needed my attention.As a group moderator for this hyperactive dating and relationship forum, I have a unique perspective about relationships after witnessing all kinds of breakdowns and breakthroughs in this 2900 member group over the years.On a personal level, I have also enjoyed real-life romantic experience of my own, having been married, divorced, and enjoyed my share of boyfriends, live-in lovers, and all kinds of relationships in between.So I guess you could call me a lay expert (pun intended).

We often learn through example, so I’ve included real-life case studies of women who have demonstrated the principles of attraction through their breakthroughs (as well as their breakdowns).

I saw things that women did that drew men to them like bees to honey.

And, most importantly, I saw things that you (the woman) can do to shift your energy so that you are once again in “attraction mode”.

This book owes a huge debt of gratitude to my colleague and mentor Katarina Phang and her Feminine Magnetism coaching group of over 2900 from women all over the world.

As I consider myself more of a “Love Researcher”, than a love coach, I have benefited from being a member and moderator of this online group.

I’ve had a healthy share of difficulties and challenges in my life, and I’m proud to call myself “The Reset Queen”.