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Dating rolleiflex 2 8f

I knew he repairs Yashica TLRs primarily but is also capable of repairing Rolleis and other TLRs.It took more than a month for him to complete repairs and return it to me but he fixed the focus problem, cleaned and serviced it and put new leather pieces on the body where the old had fallen off.

I even use it with my old Vivitar 272 flash - that's right a 272! I still have to be aware of the settings on digital equipment, but everything was manual on the retro stuff.I just get the film developed and then scan the negatives and print the pictures.It really is a lot of fun, but ithis part isn't retro. Going from shooting square format with the Rolleiflex to a smaller square with the Instamatic was a fun experience. I haven't counted all m cameras, so I don't know how many I have.My solution to that dilemma is to create a 3-D "identical" faux-Rolleiflex (like the one that she would have used in the late 1930's, early 1940's), but using artist materials over a cardboard substructure.The trouble is, although I have great photos from the internet, but I'm having difficulty finding any mention of the outside dimensions of that camera.The HV model is generally safe to use with digital cameras, which are designed for lower flash trigger voltages -- so always check when mounting to a digital camera.

Anyway, the old Vivitars are easy-to-use and get the job done.

More important, using the Rollei reminds me of what drew me to photography nearly 50 years ago-- I love the process of setting up the camera, composing the image and capturing it and the peace that it gives me. Your comment: "I love the process of setting up the camera, composing the image and capturing it and the peace that it gives me. I think this is what photography and other artistic endeavors are all about.

:)And yeah, old leather camera straps can be a recipe for disaster.

I always do the old twist test -- hold the leather in your hands and twist it back and forth -- when the leather is no longer safe to use it will tear like a piece of cardboard.

From what you've said about your Rolleiflex in this forum, perhaps this questioin is for you.

Even though I'm having a lot of fun, I still yearn for a Rolleiflex! And while there's always that perfect camera for a given shot -- as long as I have a camera with me and can create something, I'm happy.