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It was not Dumbledore's right to decide Malfoy didn't have to pay for his crimes.He didn't ask Rosemerta if she minded Draco not being punished for Imperiusing her (and probably raping her whenever he left the castle - she was known to be beautiful).

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He was a jerk in Go F toward Harry when his name came out of the goblet, and toward Hermione at the Yule Ball.Just because he had a few seconds as a human being in HBP and DH does not mean Ginny would fall in love with him!I believe that Draco deserved to go to prison at the end of DH for at least a few years.Then again, I'm sure Dumbledore didn't ask Snape's victims questions like that, either.My main point is that Dumbledore had promised the wizarding world that Hogwarts would be safe during HBP, but he was purposely letting a lawbreaker run free on the odd chance that he'd develop a conscience, making Draco's life more important than Rosemerta's, Katie Bell's, Ron Weasley's, and every other student at Hogwarts' lives.Another German version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted at Rikee A Spanish version of 'Harry Mc Gonagall' is being posted here by Lord Zanator.

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That means he probably spent the whole summer practicing the curse - probably on muggle girls.

There's no way he could've been that good at the curse on his first try.

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