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Dating someone who cheated

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No one knows how they will react until they are forced to deal with it personally, before that it’s just tough talk and pretty quotes that make you look empowered.

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That nigga can post you on Snap, IG, and FB, 24-7 and still find time to slide up in another bitch while people are liking those “goals” pictures of the dinner you cooked for him last night. These theories are all about you attempting to check off the list of, “” and become someone that can’t be cheated on. You can be Beyoncé pretty, you can be spending bank on your boo like you’re Quavo, or do whatever romantic or loyal thing someone is telling you to do to prevent cheating, and still end up right back here confused.Let’s first start with something that will limit your anxiety and paranoia and help you understand the bigger picture.“” Humans are complicated, they grow together only to grow apart, they have lapses in judgment, they move emotionally, in short—the person you start dating could tell you they would never hurt you or waste your time, and be sincere, only to falter later.Think about the guys you went to school with that were student athletes, the local D-boys, or any pretty boy that had his pick of thirsty girls, you think they transitioned into monogamy easy?Young pussy, threesomes, sexting, video sessions, niggas in relationships get caught up with at least one of those things every day!They’re still happily married and now have three kids.

There is often no rhyme or reason, no neat mold all cheaters fit in, and no universal solution.

Since you can’t control cheating, you will try to rationalize it with various theories. A guy tempted past his limit is going to fuck regardless of looks because he’s looking for a fetish experience, not to replace what he has. It wasn’t until social media that I saw these soft ass guys rant about all they did for a woman and she still cheated.

Some of them will be true a few times, but never all the time or even half of the time. It’s not about spending money or telling her you love her every day, my G, if she feels you neglect her emotionally or don’t speak her love language, that bag you bought her will be tossed on a broke nigga’s futon while he’s making her feel loved in the ways you don’t know how.

Show me a woman who had all the attention showered on her and was emotionally fulfilled, and I’ll put you on the phone with one of my homegirls that still fucks around on her husband just because she likes new dick every now and then.

Tell me it’s because the person isn’t happy with the one they’re with, and I’ll look to one of my good friends that cheated the first year he was married, told me he just wanted to see if he could, then never did it again.

I remember my buddy telling me how he fucked this girl in the men’s room stall of a club while his girlfriend of two years was in the ladies room a few feet away— oh, and that girl taking his dick while bent over a nasty Hollywood toilet was his girlfriend’s best friend who was visiting LA that weekend.