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Dating to engagement

Although both the above kinds of dating are forbidden in Islam, the latter is the most ‘socially accepted’ form of it that is rampant in most parts of the world. A watered down form of dating that is allowed by the elders of most Eastern cultures and societies, is when a young couple that is engaged to be married with their families’ consent, is allowed to meet each other in a controlled environment before the wedding.

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The lure of ‘romantic liaisons’ exists since time immemorial. Engagement: Socially Accepted Dating The desire to go out on a date and be romantically involved with a person of the opposite gender is extremely high among young, hot-blooded singles anywhere in the world. Since young people often lack the wisdom and discretion that comes with life experience and the endurance of hardships, makes them the prime target of insinuations in order to entrap them in the snare of romantic liaisons as soon as possible, so that they commit actions that cause them pain, suffering, and regrets later on.In our modern world, time is the very thing that we seem to lack perpetually.If only we had more time to exercise, to reconnect with friends, to spend with our loved ones. They’re “in love” and eager to meet, which they do, with or without their parents’ knowledge and consent. 18 and above, beyond which the government (as well as their parents) allow them to engage in promiscuous behavior. For example, in some countries, dating freely and living together publicly is allowed for single boys and girls beyond a certain ‘legal’ age viz.In the interim, the couple is allowed to talk to each other and go out on dates.

The married girl still lives with, and is financially supported by, her parents until the official wedding ceremony.

Our being so conflicted is nowhere more prevalent than within the process of dating and engagement.

Of course, for Catholics, being in relationship with another brings to mind the concept of discernment which is often a difficult experience riddled with questions and differing opinions.

the transgression of Allah’s commands), and therefore, eventually ending up being unhappy and lacking blessings in the long run.

Islamic Solution: “Halal Dating” A new, positive trend that has been consistently gaining ground, especially among religiously practicing Muslims, which allows betrothed singles to date each other without transgressing the laws of Islam, involves getting their written , with some close family members and friends in attendance, a few weeks or months prior to the actual wedding.

Whilst this is a very effective way to allow young, in-love couples to enjoy each other’s company in a for him.