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Whoever said that fashion is only limited to extremely skinny almost skeletal models is wrong. Jennie Runk, while still a relatively new addition to the modeling industry, has already made headlines.This list of the top 10 most popular plus-size models in the world is proof of the fact that grace, beauty, and elegance is present in each and every one of us, regardless of our body sizes. Just last April of this year, she has appeared for H&M’s swimsuit line as a model, which made her the first ever plus-size model of the company to sport its clothing products.

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He has been training in Bangkok since 2007 during which has traveled the world for competition and won 3 world titles - WCK International Champion (China 2012), WMC I-1 Champion (Hong Kong 2013), WMC World champion (Singapore 2013).She told BBC, in the essay, that all of the attention that the campaign got was ‘awkward surprise’. Last April, it has been announced that Saffi Karina, a British model, would be launching UK’s first ever modeling workshop concentrated on the plus-size figure.What made her essay really moving is the fact that she gave very great advice to young girls who have problems dealing with their body images. The workshop, called the Curve Project London, is to feature photo shoots, casting tops, runway lessons, hair and makeup sessions, mentoring, as well as work experience with stylists.Limited Coupon Codes for our Self Defence Course: https://coupon Code=YOUTUBE10 Have you ever found yourself in a situation where someone was trying to attack you?We believe that using physical violence should ONLY happen when it's absolutely necessary and there is no other, peaceful way to resolve a situation.

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She has then spoken out regarding this problem she had as well as the issues being faced by other models in terms of the industry’s very challenging standards. This move that the magazine made allowed for the publication to have a refreshing take on the world of fashion. Robyn Lawley is considered by many as the supermodel of all the other plus-size models out there.