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Datingdirect uk

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Your search will yield results for women that are nowhere close to your type despite specifying what kind of woman you are looking for.

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The link for cancelling your subscription is hidden and difficult to find.If you do make the mistake of including your email address or other contact in your sent mail, it will not be delivered.This makes it very difficult to set up a date with a girl you like.If you are successful in finding the email to contact support, you can be sure that 99% of the time your emails will not be answered.In the unlikely event, you do get a response; nothing helpful will have materialized out of your contact.The features on Dating are simply there to keep you interested, but there is nothing really there. We will review some of the features to demonstrate our point.

Although they claim that it is possible to exchange contacts on ; it seems that they purposely make this difficult for you so that you remain on the site and continue paying your subscription fees.

Do not be surprised if you constantly get other peoples mail.

This is another feature fail that will leave you frustrated.

Most profiles also do not contain a picture, which means you cannot even tell what the person you are talking to looks like. Most of the other problems could be forgiven if support made a genuine effort to sort out any issues you might have. This site has one of the worst customer support services online.

The contacts are hidden in the site, and it will take you a long time to find a number or email address to contact support. It is a terrible experience trying to get issues sorted out.

There is also a huge problem when cancelling your subscription.