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(How quickly we forget.) But in reality, there may never be an ideal time to have The Talk.With Jupiter in silver-tongued Libra, the magic lies in how you drop the bomb rather than when.


Couples (legit or prospective) should talk about everything from your weirdest turn-ons to your most awkward of turn-offs. Even the people who love us the most can be clueless about how to satisfy us until we give them access to our personal playbooks.Jupiter in fair-minded Libra is allergic to the blame game and reminds us (in a high-vibes way) that it takes two to tango.Instead of reading your partner, own up to the ways that you played into the meltdown.Beyond the industry-standard swapping of genitalia pics, pump up the volume on all romantic gestures.Sprinkle in a pinch of naughtiness as a nod Jupiter—but play up the decadence and luxury, which is Libra's domain.Jupiter is gearing up for his October 10 segue into sexed-up, security-obsessed Scorpio.

This intense and possessive 13-month cycle will put relationships through another longevity test.

Instead of freaking out and assuming that you're growing apart, you might even encourage the one you adore to develop a new extracurricular—and give yourself permission to pursue a path on your own.

With Jupiter's independent energy afoot, a decent dose of "me time" can save monogamy from turning into monotony.

Live-out-loud Jupiter rarely minces words, even while flowing through gracious Libra's realm.

This bawdy planetary energy can cross the line into crudeness pretty quickly.

Prior to this Jupiter cycle, however, these concepts were less a part of the zeitgeist.