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* *Dominate Google You Tube Any Video Sharing Site* FREE FOR WAR ROOM MEMBERS! I'm touched that you guys think I've stumbled upon some secret that Allen hasn't thought of but somehow I think this was an active decision he already made. Five minutes after writing this and seeing such quick "Sign up now! :) The signup process is a lesson in itself, read all the copy and think about what's happening.

Online Dating Service Directory by Reystar Dating The Reystar Dating Directory for singles offers top quality personal ads sites, free online dating services, matchmaking, free online dating tips and advice and much more!BTW, if you've just dropped by for the first time and feel like this thread is of value to you, don't forget to hit the "Thanks" button below on the right!My secondary goal at the end of the 60 days (approximately 17 November 2009) is to sell, one, some, or all of the article accounts and the website here on Warrior Forum and/or at Flippa.* How To Be A Master Of Seduction * The Common Pitfall That Will Destroy Your Chances Of Selling * Controlling Media And The Power Of Authority * The Self-Perpetuating Income Formula * Killer Method Of Creating Niche Sites That Search Engines Love!* Tabloid Method To Selling Affiliate Products * How To Get The e Mails Of Thousands Upon Thousands Of People Who Want To Make Money * Easy System To Creating One Profitable Site After Another * How To Get Your e Mail Through And Responded To * The Power Of A Story * How To Create Urgency * How To Make A Killing Creating 'Real Mailing Lists' Using The Internet The War Room though, is more than just Allen Says.Being able to show the keywords, site, articles and progress is what will make the whole experiment worthwhile.

Let the race begin and feel free to chime in with your questions or suggestions (parameters can be modified before the start) as we go…More details soon as we get closer to the kick-off.

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