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David hasselhoff dating britains got talent

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That such a place could have become a favoured haunt of royalty and celebrities is beyond belief.The night begins as my friends and I are kept waiting at the club’s doors for 30 minutes, despite arriving early.

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I have heard The Box puts on the most sexually explicit show in town.My friends and I find a place to stand at the bar where we can observe fellow clubbers drinking at the exclusive booths on the edge of the room.Champagne by the bottle ranges from £140 to an eye-popping £20,000 for a special edition Dom Perignon.‘I love the humour, the tongue-in-cheek sarcasm and dryness over here,’ he has said.‘Our show has that humour the English really get with panto and music hall.’ So it is that I move into the heart of the club, expecting the stage equivalent of a saucy seaside postcard.Can this place really be as decadent as it is billed, I wonder, as I arrive outside The Box, or is it just over-excited hype?

What I see during the subsequent few hours leaves me in no doubt.

The super-thin girls wear barely-there dresses which clearly cost the earth.

Each has painted her lips in what appears to be the same shade of scarlet.

Iranian caviar and seared tuna are on offer as snacks.

Erotic-themed cocktails including the Dirty Lady, a mixture of gin and Moet, and the peach-infused Between The Sheets cost £15 each.

It’s spread over two floors, and visitors climb a gold-carpeted, wood-panelled staircase before entering the club’s small, dimly-lit inner sanctum.