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Dj zinhle and aka dating

My alarm bells immediately went off when I read the blog and could not feel her essence in it.

The fact that AKA cheated on Zinhle is not Bonang’s problem. We were never there…fact we were abruptly introduced to their relationship and very soon afterwards Zinhle was pregnant.No matter, Twitter detectives seems to have put two and two together and it looks as if Zinhle is dating Top Billing presenter, Chris Jaftha. Not exactly an admission, but far from a denial as well.Here was the first hint; remember when Zinhle posted this picture? READ: AKA hurt by his mom's love for Zinhle Read Zinhle's tweets below.The last time I defended Bonang I had to deal with Euphonik ….imo tell you again…you are doing to her is wrong and unfair.People soon connected the dots and realised that the watch and the hand belonged to Chris Jaftha, as can be seen in this picture: If the first hint was a bit speculative, the second hint was as good as a dead giveaway.

Zinhle, who is currently in Swaziland for the MTN Bushfire Festival, addressed AKA's behaviour.

To take advantage of their beef for personal gain is beyond beyond sisi……you should be the one trying to bring them together. I was amazed when Zinhle announced AKA as her baby daddy, in fact I even questioned it on twitter and got into trouble. There are many women whose fairytales did not work out…does not make her a failure. But AKA is only the dick when Zinhle STOPS trying to drag Bonang down to her level of sadness. Just because a person is pretty and puts on nice make up it does not mean that person can’t be mean.

Yes, AKA needs to grow the fuck up and take care of his child…you do not need to try and take over his space. Zinhle should have left us to come to our own conclusions about Bonang……she should have NEVER orchestrated a situation where everyone is ganging up on the woman who her man CHOSE!

She waited until Bonang had a nice doccie and then lay down the news.

That was calculating, and some of us saw right through that sis.

She mentioned how he shouldn't have brought her mother into the situation and that if he has a problem with her, he should speak to her family.