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Dns not updating from dhcp server 2016

dns not updating from dhcp server 2016-55

We do want it to look like the URIs are going to myblog.

I did not enter anything in the name field as this MX type record is for the primary domain The mailserver also runs a web server for a blog but we do not want the URI’s going to https://mailserver.After adding these values you will now be able to ping hostnames from the internet such as and uk.So we now have half a zone setup the other half will allow lookups the other way round. The part you enter is the first three numbers from the IP address of your domain. I also selected to use the Date for the serial format, again.I found this rather useful script to Update Synology DNS records from DHCP IP address reservation. Be careful with this if your Synology NAS is accessible via the internet then this may be a security problem.All the files necessary to update your DNS after the DHCP server has given out a new address are available from here dhcp_dns_changes_If I ever update the scripts all you need do is keep your existing settings file and overwrite the others.

There is an install script which does some simple checks before copying files to the correct place. With the script /usr/local/etc/rc.d/S99poll you can start, stop, restart or see the status of the service. I expect you can do the rest it is quite straight forward. With that running start up a device or PC that uses DHCP and you should see entries appearing in the file you redirected the out to.

The command line looks like this when run from a terminal on your diskstation. In my case it can be seen from an SSH terminal on diskstation with this command If all goes well you can now use hostnames to connect or communicate with your other devices and you have a DNS and DHCP on Synology NAS working together.

You can now test it out by stopping any other DHCP servers you have running, probably on your broadband router, and then start up your one on the Synology diskstation. When I have tried to use nohup on my diskstation it has never worked.

Using a CNAME type record means if you more your mailserver and by default your blog to a different IP address you only need to update the one A type record.

You could however just have two A type records one for each name pointing to the same IP address.

In the screen shot I have added one of the DNS servers from open DNS 2.220. The second address I have used is from Google who also provide a freely available public DNS service. You could also use the DNS server values provided by your ISP.